List of Brands


Seattle-based Coros Wearables Inc. is a sports technology company focused on the intersection of active sports and mobile lifestyles. COROS designs and engineers products that help athletes train and race with the quickness, intelligence and power to break barriers and achieve real results.

Coros Multisport GPS Adventure Watches

Crafter Blue

Crafter Blue is a highly respected watch company founded in 2014 and based in Hong Kong, one of the world's most influential watchmaking centres.

In the very beginning, Crafter Blue pioneered the engineering of curved end rubber straps for Seiko dive watches. A few years later, they started developing rubber straps for Tudor as well. And Crafter Blue is presently launching curved end rubber straps for Rolex watches.

Now, Crafter Blue is proud to launch its first Swiss made dive watch – the Hyperion Ocean 600m.

Crafter Blue Dive Watches and Watch Straps


Damasko is a family-run company which began making mechanical watches in 1994. Damasko watches are hand crafted in Germany with passion and intellect using many in-house components together with new patented technologies and materials to produce better running, longer lasting and exceptionally durable timepieces. Aviator and diver watches make up the majority of the Damasko offerings.

Engineered for Extreme Endurance


A DAVOSA watch is instilled with more than 150 years of the finest Swiss watchmaking history, even though the birth year of the DAVOSA name was in fact 1993. This was the year in which the Swiss Hasler family joined forces with Friedrich-Wilhelm Bohle, a German entrepreneur who had been a successful watch distributor since the 1960s.

It was a meeting of like minds from the start: both Friedrich-Wilhelm Bohle and his Swiss business partners were passionate about mechanical watches. Today the DAVOSA brand offers a comprehensive spectrum of both elegant and sports orientated watches. DAVOSA still operates as an independent, family-run concern to ensure continuing high standards of technology and design, and to share their passion for uncompromising watches with all customers.

Davosa Watches - Enjoy the Moment

Gruppo Gamma

Gruppo Gamma is a small independent dive watch brand appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts across the globe for producing robust watches of outstanding quality with unique designs steeped in Italian Navy heritage.

Gruppo Gamma Watches - The Ultimate Tool Watch


Herodia, a watch brand born in 1948 in the Swiss watch-making town of Reconvilier by Henri Bargenter, is now entering a new phase of its life under the ownership of the Maggi family of Milan. 

The classic styling of Herodia is a modern interpretation of the sports watch trends of the 50's and 60's with all the components strictly "Swiss Made".

Herodia Watches are Swiss made dive watches

Marathon Watch

Founded in 1939, the Marathon Watch Company is a Canadian based company with all its watches produced in Switzerland. Marathon has been supplying timepieces to the US Military and multiple NATO forces since 1941. Marathon timepieces are now standard issue for the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, NASA, and Canadian Armed Forces as well as numerous law enforcement and government agencies worldwide. Marathon is currently the only active military watch contractor to the U.S. Government .

Marathon Watch - Genuine Military Watches and Accessories


No more plastic waste in our oceans. MBRC believes it's time for a change! Embrace the ocean.

MBRC pull plastics from the sea, like fishing nets and PET bottles and make their gear using recycled yarns made in the Netherlands. Every purchase helps fund their work cleaning coastlines around the world.

Save the Ocean. Wear the Change.

MBRC the Ocean - Save the Ocean. Wear the Change.

Ralf Tech

RALF TECH is a proudly independent family owned watch brand created in 1996 by Frank Huyghe. It is based in Paris, France and Lajoux, Switzerland. RALF TECH watches are designed in France, developed in Switzerland and tested worldwide before going into final production. They are then manufactured in either France or Switzerland.

RALF TECH carries out intensive deep-sea tests with the help of the French Navy in order to develop new technical solutions, both in terms of robustness and water resistance. This is one of the major characteristics of the brand - its watches are first tested in real conditions by those for whom they are ultimately intended.

RALF TECH is the watch manufacturer trusted by numerous military special forces around the world, as well as countless professional divers and international athletes.

RALF TECH timepieces are renowned for their legendary reliability, exceptional robustness and proven resistance to the most extreme conditions.

Ralf Tech Dive Watches - Be Ready


Handcrafted Swiss made dive watches since 1950. Known by the classic curved shark logo, Squale is still a small family-run business now based in Milan, Italy with all watch production and assembly done by hand utilising master-watchmakers in Grenchen, Switzerland maintaining the same high standards as the vintage models. Squale - reliable , superbly designed and elegant professional dive watches for users with the highest demands.

Squale Dive Watches


TNG Swiss Watches was founded in 1998 in the Netherlands, a country well known for it’s Dutch Design, innovative technology and water sports. This combination is the DNA of TNG.

TNG is short for Tack & Gybe, the two main and critical sailing manoeuvres that often make the difference between winning and losing a regatta.

The first model by TNG Swiss Watches was a Sail Racing Watch. The input of top class racing sailors combined with Dutch Design and Swiss quality, accuracy and technology, gained international attention.

TNG partners with the most competitive and peak Race Sailing Class in the world, “J-Class”. And TNG is a sponsor and official Timekeeper for several worldwide sailing events and classic car rallies.

Today the TNG Swiss Watches collection contains a wide range. All models are Dutch designs and Swiss made. Manufactured at TNG's own facilities in Switzerland. 

TNG Swiss Watches